UMOYA. This is Reggae Music.                 1982 - 2011.

UMOYA (Swahili for unity) was part of a new generation of reggae bands who held true to the original spirit of reggae music, yet, by blending it with other musical influences, have found their own unique form of expression.


The band's musical variety spanned the spectrum from traditional heavyweight roots-reggae to loversrock ballads to contemporary dancehall styles, while maintaining a continuity of sound.

Skanking to the riddim of the drum and the bassline.

This video was recorded on November, 22nd in 1993 at Live Station in Dortmund. It was the year when our CD-Single „Hey You“ hit the German charts and we released the album „Overdue“. „Rebel 4 A Cause“ can be found on the „Overdue“-album; Trevor „Supa-T“ Taylor is the lead-singer for this track. We are sorry about the bad technical quality of the video but nevertheless we want to share it with you.